Hello! Thanks for expressing interest in making some awesome smut with CrushedVelvetX!

I stand by my reputation and encourage you to contact anybody I’ve worked with to get references.

This form is to give us both the information we need to set up a safe, informed and consent-based shoot that will be fun and exciting for everybody.

Here is a link to a document on mycoplasmas and ureaplasmas published by PASS, the adult performer safety advocacy group: https://www.passcertified.org/news/pass-statement-on-genital-mycoplasmas

This will be the way we communicate before and after the shoot. DMs on social media are unreliable and hard to sort and search. Thank you for understanding.
This is for crediting and tagging once the shoot is done.
Please describe what content you have made. Links are welcome!
This is VERY important for kink/bondage!